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For decades, West Madison Little League has giving kids experiences they remember for the rest of their lives. Families spend time together. Neighbors socialize. Communities unite. West Madison Little League is truly a family destination.

Keeping kids involved and communities engaged benefits everyone – something to not miss out on. Help us maintain the sound of bats ringing, summer days filled with laughter, and the smack of the ball into a well-oiled glove. Live the tradition and become part of our future.

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West Madison Little League

The 2014 season will mark 50 years at our current facility located on Forward Drive. Over the past five decades, thousands of boys and girls have enjoyed the positive experience of the West Madison Little League facility. Many have remained on the west side to watch their kids – and sometimes even their grandkids – enjoy the very same experience.

While the facility has served the program well, updates are needed and with that comes an opportunity. The three baseball diamonds of the West Madison Little League facility are truly jewels that have united the community every summer and fall since 1964. With a little polish, they will shine on for decades to come.

Approximately 1,700 kids participate annually at West Madison Little League.
For most kids, little league is the highest level of baseball they will ever play. With your help, these upgrades will provide them with an experience as close to the ‘big leagues’ as possible. And, it will keep them hankering to come back, year after year, generation after generation. Join our winning team.

[Visualization of proposed improvements]The Project

The two million dollar WMLL Capital Campaign contains facility improvements that address the most pressing issues at both the Forward Drive complex and the softball fields at Jefferson Middle School*. The enhancements will create a safer, more accessible, and more enjoyable setting to bring families together. The project is planned over four phases, with considerations for construction efficiency and seasonal operations at the facility.

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* Pending Madison Metropolitan School District approval


Progress to Date…

Through the tireless efforts of our volunteer staff and your generous donations thus far, the West Madison Little League Capital Campaign has made significant progress toward reaching our goal of $2 million dollars.

The WMLL greatly appreciates your time and consideration and encourages you to become part of securing the ongoing legacy of the WMLL. Check back often to track our progress as we march on around the bases toward our goal!

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Donations so far: $250,000

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  • $100,000+
    RECOGNITION:  Field, concession or practice area naming rights; plaque, roster book & website salute
  • $50,000
    Dugout naming rights;  plaque, roster book & website salute
  • $25,000
    Bleacher naming rights;  plaque, roster book & website salute
  • $10,000
    Name on park bench;  plaque, roster book & website salute
  • $5,000
    Plaque, roster book & website salute
  • $1,000
    Plaque, roster book & website salute
  • $500
    Roster book & website salute
  • $ANY
    Website salute

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About WMLL

The 2014 season at West Madison Little League marked the 50th anniversary at our current facility located on Forward Drive. Approximately 1,700 kids participate annually between our two programs – the spring/summer Little League season and the Fall Ball program.

Since the 1960s, tens of thousands of boys and girls have benefitted from the opportunity to participate in a program that has become well known throughout the state as a model organization for Little League. The lasting memories created at WMLL have continued to help the league grow and prosper for decades.

The 2014 season also celebrated the 50th year of cooperation with WMTV Channel 15 in Madison, whose land we lease for our operation. This partnership between the two organizations has been successful in providing a positive baseball/softball experience to the parents and children of the west side of Madison during that period of time.

The WMLL Capital Campaign represents an opportunity to continue to develop a safer, more functional, and more accessible facility. It’s also your opportunity for you to join our winning team.